Health Care Assistant

  • Grade 12 / mature attitude
  • Entrance Assessment or interview

The following are to be completed prior to the first practice education experience:

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR C
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Immunization as required by sites of practice education and recommended by BC Center for Disease Control: diphtheria and tetanus, polio, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), varicella, and influenza Negative TB skin test or chest X-ray
The one year diploma program is Health Care Assistant (HCA) program is designed to provide student with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to function effectively as front-line care-givers, and respected members of the healthcare team, in community and facility settings. The program prepares graduates to work as a Personal Support Worker or Health care assistant within Long-Term Care, Special Care, Extended Care, Assisted Living and within the Community.
Home care, home support, companion, domestic housekeeper, doula, family caregiver, family worker – home care, home health care worker, home support attendant, home support worker, home visitor – infant care, home-care worker, homemaker, housekeeper, live-in caregiver, personal aide, teaching homemaker, visiting homemaker.
Upon completion of the PSW program, graduates will be able to:

  • Provide person-centered care and assistance that recognises and respects the Uniqueness of each individual resident or client.
  • Recognize the role of the Personal Support Worker and participate as a member of a inter professional team.
  • Identify and practice legal, ethical and moral responsibilities relevant to the Personal Support Worker role.
  • Use an informed problem-solving approach to provide care and assistance that promotes the physical, psychological, social, cognitive and spiritual well-being of clients/residents and families.
  • Provide care and assistance for clients/residents experiencing cognitive and/or mental health challenges.

Interact with other members of the healthcare team in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals.

Students’ progress in the program is measured by their successful completion of the courses listed in the program outlines; a minimum of 70% of the all course marks as well as each assessment component of the courses is required to successfully complete the program.
A minimum of 70% mark for each of the program’s courses as indicated in “Students Assessment Methods” as well as a minimum of 80% in attendance as indicated in “Attendance Expectations”
Students are introduced in this exercise to the greater precision and control associated with Health Care Assistant (Diploma) Course Hours:

ESL English / IELTS / computer training 16 460
HCA 1 Orientation / Food Safe  / CPR 2 50
HCA 2 Introduction to HCA practice 1 25
HCA 3 Interpersonal communication 2 50
HCA 4 Health and healing concept 3 75
HCA 5 Life style and choice 1 25
HCA 6 Experiencing common health challenges 5 125
HCA 7 Experiencing cognitive and mental challenges 3 75
HCA 8 Personal care (Hygiene) and  Assistance 5 125
HCA 9 Dementia care / Assistance 3 75
HCA 10 Home support / Group homes 2 50