CANADIAN AVIATION COLLEGE Employment Opportunities

General Information

Canadian Aviation College’s training operations revolve around its staff of full-time and part-time Flight Instructors, who are responsible for the safe conduct of individual training flights. Flight Instructors are typically recruited from graduates of the school’s Commercial Pilot Program, but externally trained Flight Instructors are sought when staff shortages are needed to be filled within tight time frames. Students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot Program who are interested in becoming Flight Instructors should make their intentions known to the Chief Flying Instructors as early as possible.

Like most flying schools in Canada, Canadian Aviation College Flight Instructors typically remain on the job for two to four years, after which time they are recruited by commercial air carriers providing multi-crew aircraft for commuter or airline operations.

Canadian Aviation College’s staff is governed by traditional rules of seniority based on hire date, with senior Flight Instructors receiving priority with regard to student bookings and access to advance multi-engine and instrument flight instruction.

All Flight Instructors begin with a flat hourly pay for Flight Instruction ($30 per hour), groundschool, groundschool preparation, and assigned administrative duties ($15 per hours, including 1 hour preparation time per class teaching session). Generally, Flight Instructors are able to assume as many added administrative duties as they choose, but typically their primary focus while at the school is line flight instruction. Senior Flight Instructors receive additional base-pay salary benefits for supervisory administration.

All Canadian Aviation College staff have access to a Group Benefits program, which includes medical, dental, and disability benefits.

Candidates that’s interested in working at Canadian Aviation College, please forward your Resume directly to Office Administration.