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Aircraft pilot training: there are many career options….. airline pilot, bush pilot, corporate pilot, flight instructor, pilot examiner, medevac pilot, international flying….. all require completion of a basic instruction program to get started, followed by specialised training to meet the expectations of prospective employers.

Vocational Programs Training: Diploma of Flight Attendant; Diploma of Tourism & Hospitality Management; Diploma of HCA (Health Care Assistant).

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Vocational Program

Canadian Aviation College is not only a Pilot Training college, we also offer different vocational diploma programs, such as ESL, Diploma of Flight Attendant program, Diploma of Tourism and Hospitality Management program, Diploma of Health Care Assistant program.

Flight Attendant Course

This course is designed for Over 54 weeks diploma program at CAC encourages you to develop career-related skills, knowledge and behaviors to effectively perform a variety of functions required in providing passenger safety and service as you work in the airline industry.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

The Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma Program with co-op includes most of the components required for a successful career in tourism and hospitality; students learn all the different aspects of the tourism and hospitality industries

Health Care Assistant

This eight month Diploma program in HCA (Health Care Assistant) provides balanced and complete training in the classroom and supervised clinical experience in a care facility, community setting, at home or care homes for the elderly.

Aircraft Pilot Licenses and Ratings Training

We help you: 1. Learn How to Fly; 2. Obtain your Private Pilot’s license; 3. Obtain your Commercial Pilot’s license; 4. Learn more about a career in aviation; 5. Obtain your mountain flying or night flying endorsement; 6. Obtain your Instrument Rating or Renew IFR.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Minimum age for Student Pilot Permit – 14 Years
Minimum age for Private Pilot License  – 17 Years
Medical: Candidate must pass a medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Examiner.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Minimum age for Private Pilot Permit – 17 Years
Minimum age for Commercial Pilot License  – 18 Years
Medical: Candidate must pass a medical exam conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Examiner.

Ratings or Endoursement

Before commencing training for the Instrument Rating, a student requires:

  1. a valid Commercial Pilot Licence or Private Pilot Licence;
  2. in the case of a Multi-engine (Group 1) Instrument Rating, a Multi-engine Rating;
  3. a valid Category 1, or 3 Medical Certificate.